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Renting in process, waiting for tenancy agreement.

Started by Barbi, May 31, 2023, 09:01:53 AM

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Hello everyone,

We found a house to rent, on the 3 of May we paid the holding deposit, we were accepted everything was fine, this was on the 19 of May. They said we will receive a contract next Monday, since then nothing is happening the agency keep telling us they are chasing the landlord for the contract. They also said the contracts are ready just waiting for a landlord signature. These stuff going on since 22 of May. Nothing is moving, nothing is happening. If were accepted why we can't sign the contract already? Is this normal? I mean its getting ridiculous now. We provided everything the agency said the landlord accepted us all good, making the contract fine. But for how long? We need to clear our current home by 7 of June, we are also moving with kids. We are really stressed out now. Dont know what to do anymore. Anyone has advise on this? Waiting for this long its normal? Thank you for the answers in advance.


What date had been originally agreed for you to get the keys? If this is a reputable agent,and the landlord is someone who is known to them,it is probably just a case of someone who leaves things to the last minute. Was the property vacant when you viewed,or was the previous tenant still living there?  I can understand why you would be worried and stressed,I hope the landlord is more communicative and professional in future.Good luck!


This wouldn't be normal for me (as a Landlord), no.

I would be very communicative... after agreeing a let I'd be getting the draft AST across for review, giving at least a week to do that, sorting out the Deposit, sending over a draft Check-In document etc.. This is just part and parcel of the business as a whole... communication and people. The fact there's an Agent sat in-between you and the Landlord doesn't help matters here, though - to be frank, they could be telling you anything. You're on the hook now... which means you're on the back-burner too.

It's possible the Landlord might be hard at work, ensuring your new home is the best it can be... with a lick of paint and some damp-proofing... and they simply can't deal with the admin. burden of signing an agreement... and doesn't want to sign until all is done-and-dusted... but I'd feel just like you do.

What is most worrying is even the possibility that the previous Tenant is still there and is not leaving. This is not clear from your text, but HK raises it.

What can you do?

Well, I would set a deadline. If that's not met, then assert that you get your holding deposit back no hard-feelings... but, of course, there will be a lot of hard feelings - as you can't find another place in a few days, can you? It's impossible. So, in reality, you can only be waiting for others to do their part. It feels like there's no course of action you can realistically take that won't escalate matters. Worst case - the Landlord cannot give up the property to you as it's occupied by someone else. Best case - it's just admin. prevarication, or miscommunication between a rubbish Agent and Landlord and it's low down the priority list (for them, not for you).


One way or another it does not auger well for the future.Whatever has happened it is really not right to leave people not knowing if and when they can move house,especially a family with kids.