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Landlord threatening to kick me out - my rights/advice

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Author Topic: Landlord threatening to kick me out - my rights/advice  (Read 277 times)
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« on: March 06, 2021, 07:10:15 PM »

We moved into a property around 3/4 weeks ago. We informed the agent we would be installing our broadband provider if okay with the landlord, we mentioned they would be 2 boxes and would need to have 2 holes drilled (we said side of the house but the broadboand provider installed a wire across the front of the house into the bedroom for the upstairs box)

Landlord came to measure for new windows 3 days after broadband installed and nothing was mentioned. When fully moved in we invited landlord to the house to put their mind at ease with us as we was aware they was rather controlling of the old tenants. No wire mentioned.
On Tuesday we received an email stating she is unhappy with the wire and wants it removing and the brick replacing before she does anything else in the property (windows blown and fire broken so lounge is very cold as only one small radiator), we explained we had told them they would be two boxes but agreed to do the jobs anyway as we did mention side of house. Landlord wanting to be present when broadband wire was coming out and when brick replaced.

Wire was taken out today and we explained we would be charged twice if we couldn’t drill today, landlord said it wasn’t their fault and we are liable, they then called us selfish, said we had no pride in the property and had vandalised the property, we tried to explain but we got told to shut up and called liars when we explained we did mention the two boxes. The landlord then said my partner was ‘one of those men who intimidates women’ which shocked us as the landlord was the one raising the voice not us.

The landlord left before virgin had fully completed the work (landlord was there to sign off on the work as agent doesn’t work weekends) and we are left feeling hurt and upset that such nasty things was said about us. We’d like to leave but understand we’ll be tied in to our fix term.

Does anyone have advice? Agents seem to be very cagey around landlord and seem to agree with everything they say.

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« Reply #1 on: March 08, 2021, 11:18:42 AM »


How long have you signed a fixed term for? I'd steel yourself for some trouble ahead, and the move out at your earliest opportunity. If you're looking at two sides of the argument and you're genuinely convinced you're not the crazy one... then it's the other side. We only have one side of the story to work on, of course... but the actions taken, and restrictions imposed, by the Landlord appear to be fire-engine-red crazy to me. You don't control things to this kind of level. People can have their own broadband installed and it's obvious there's often a hole to drill into a wall. This is all normal stuff. What it isn't is vandalism. When relationships start to break down to this kind of level early on I don't believe there's a good recovery option for you... and I think it wisest that you find somewhere else - that is the main advantage to renting - you can vote with your feet.
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