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Property Ladder: 31st October- Elm & Wysall

Started by propertyfag, October 31, 2007, 08:21:16 AM

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So, who watched this one?

Carpenter Vaughan and his partner Jackie are jumping in at the deep end with their first property development. Their 18th century thatched cottage in Elm, Cambridgeshire,

70 miles away in Wysall, just outside of Nottingham, Steve has just bought a wonderful Victorian chapel. Steve is putting all his faith and all his money into the conversion. He's even sold his home and shop to fund the development.

My thoughts:
That cottage was done extremely well by that couple. However, it's still frustrating when people ignore such basic and obvious advice from Beeny. Steve, the guy who was converting that chapel; he seemed like such a nice guy, but he made some stupud mistakes. He wasted so much money. For example, he fitted builtin speakers and a CCTV security system - WHY? Those features won't add value.


I have to say , im quite pleased you made this forum

Property Ladder is quite insightful , but makes me realise how long my developments actually taking , because of my wonderful brother and sister in law because so indecisive. ( we are actually doing it as a foursome . Me , my fiancee , his sister and her fiancee , However .............. its like a sketch show most of the time .

Me - If we are going to have a flat screen , we should have it above the fire really

brother in law - You what ?? you must be joking , who has a tv over a fire !!

Me - ummm alot of people

him - omg it would loook so stupid , we need to have it in the alcove UNDER the dado rail

Me - are you joking??  :-\

him - it would looking f*cking ace ...when im sat of the sofa playing my ps................


They all drive me crazy .

But anyways back to Sarah lovely beeny ha

I really do agree with you . I think Jackie and Vaughan did great .... but the other guy . He really didnt seem to listen . Like the stairs thing .
And it was ashame that none of the chapel was opened up to make the most out of the windows .

But all in all they both made quite alot .


Ooooh, i'm so glad you watched it!! I've been meaning to talk to someone about it. All my friends tell me to shut up when I talk about property and Sarah Beeny! Property ladder is inspirational! The successes motivate me!

You're doing it as a 4-some? God, that sounds messy. Do you also split the profits 4ways?

Yeah, that guy didn't listen about the stairs. A lot of people just ignore the basic, sensible suggestions that Beeny makes. It's madness!! The guy got an evaluation, which would have made him a 50k profit if he sold it at that price. But we're not sure if he actually sold it. It was a hard place to sell because you need an acquired taste for it. Also, like Sarah said, he never really built the place for a particular niche (e.g young professionals or family), and that may have made it even harder to sell. So it's unclear how long it took him to sell it, or even if he did sell it, and how much profit he made. But the pther couple did a wicked job! I'm sure that place sold quickly.



the four way thing .... is kind of not 4 ways really , because me and my boyfriend are using the money to buy another house , and also my brother in law will get half ....... but will most likely spend it on nothing and end up renting.

They are probably the worlds worst people we could of gone in with , but im so grateful that hes in the army , I dont think i could of coped if he was here 7 days a week .

So , as you watch sarah beeny ..... what do you think of andrew winter ?


I don't really watch anything by Andrew. Are you a fan of his? Is he worth watching?


Well for the comedy facter , definitely .
He use to be an estate agent , but you would never of guessed it .

He really speaks the truth , its great


I'll keep an eye out. Thanks for the tip, blood.