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Seeking Advice: First Home Purchase Challenges

Started by Aisha, May 02, 2024, 09:02:59 PM

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Dear Community,

I'm reaching out to seek some guidance and perhaps some shared experiences regarding our family's pursuit of our first home.

We've been eagerly exploring the possibilities of homeownership, particularly benefiting from the First Home Scheme. Excited as we are about this opportunity, we've encountered a rather challenging hurdle - finding a property within our budget, especially in the bustling London market.

Our broker has been immensely helpful, indicating that we could borrow around 400k. However, despite our diligent search and efforts, it seems like finding a suitable three-bedroom property within this budget in London is proving to be nearly impossible.

Our family consists of my parents, my brother, and myself, and we are really eager to find a place we can call our own. I've been in touch with various agents and scouring listings to find something affordable, but unfortunately, we've come up short thus far.

I'm turning to this forum in the hopes that some of you might have navigated similar challenges or have insights into avenues we could explore further. Any advice, tips, or even shared experiences would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you so much for taking the time to read this, and I look forward to any input or suggestions you might have.
Please feel free to contact me on [number removed for obvious reasons] If you know someone selling ,



You just keep moving further and further out of your ideal location until you reach a part of London you can afford to live in. My guess is that what you really want doesn't exist where you want it to be.