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Rent Arrears, possible eviction.

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Author Topic: Rent Arrears, possible eviction.  (Read 38 times)
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« on: July 27, 2020, 01:32:14 PM »

Hi Guys.
I have 2 properties in the West Midlands as a private landlord. I have never used an agency when advertising for tenants , but have relied upon mine and my wifes intuition, which has proved to be sucessfull. Both properties are rented out below what the market value suggests for the last four years on the understanding no issues, neighbour complaints, garden maintentance and THE RENT is paid in full and on time.
One tenant has over the last 2 years has fallen behind with the rent although it is made right within the month, but latley it is getting worse and is owing partial rent for over 3 months, and blaming furlough which I know to be untrue. I have mentioned an increase in rent which his reply was he'd rather move.
I am presently relying on the rental income as I have been out of work since March, no furlouth and no benefits.
Question.... Should i formally increase the rent 600 to 640ish and hope he decides to leave ( the income from the market suggests 675.00 month ) or...
Question.... Start eviction process ( which gives me the wobbles as it appears to be a minefield, and costly )
Any advise or pointers would be gladly appreciated.
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