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I have a blocked sink!

Started by propertyfag, April 19, 2008, 02:46:09 PM

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It's driving me insane!
My sink in the kitchen is blocked! Sorry, I have absolutely no graps of the terminology when it comes to plumbing, so you'll have to try and untangle my code!

Everytime I run the tap, the water starts to leak through the pipes that are underneath the sink, everything seems to overflow! I took apart all the pipes directly under the sink and gave it a good rinse out. I thought the blockage might be there, but it's not! I put it all back together and I still have the same problem.

As mentioned, I pretty much took apart all the pipes from under the sink, the pipes continue to lead through the wall and outside into the garden! I haven't followed the pipe yet, but I'm thinking if I start playing around even further, I might cause some serious floodage!

Anyone know what to do? I'd rather do as much as I can before calling out an extortionate plumber!

Thanks in advance :)


They're the pipes I took apart...

Nothing seems to be clogging it there, the problem goes deeper :(


What have you been putting down your sink PF?

My Dad's an ex-plumber so I can ask him if you'd like.

Whats it like at the drain outside the house? Are there leaves blocking it or anything like that?

You could have a mouse stuck up there!  :o


I have no idea what's got down there! The pipe is too small for a mouse, even a baby one!
My sink has a filter over the drain as well, so big chunks of food can't get through! There must be some kind of buildup! I'm going to try some Mr Muscle Sink unblocker!!


It might not necessarily be food. If fat or anything the solidifies, when it goes cold, can build up and cause a blockage so heat up a big saucepan with boiling water and give that a go too...

Good luck!  ;)


My sink overflow was in a really poor state last winter, and I got a bit enthusiastic one day and poured loads of hot water and bleach down there which seemed to help. The water shouldn't be leaking through the pipes, though, so if you try boiled water or bleach with a burst pipe you could create a more difficult problem.

If your pipes are blocked your sink just shouldn't drain. Fix the leaky pipes that don't have a blockage before you try and find the pipes that do.



Ok, I did a bit of reading online, and I tried all kinds of solutions. Boiling salt water and a bottle of Mr Muscle did the trick eventually :)

Thanks for the suggestions guys!

Woohoo! I feel like a man now! Kinda!


Its allways good to tip some acid down ya sink 2-3 times a year.  You have to put it down then leave over night, it does the trick no probs.


soda crystals dead cheap and works for me :)


Buy a[] pressure type gun drain unblocker[/url], ensure all exits are masked over using duct tape. Pump up the pressure, then place over or in a pipe using attachments, press trigger and fire the pressured air down the offending sink, do this several times increasing the amount of times you charge the 'gun'.
The product works by sending a shock wave down the water in the pipe, dislodging the gunk of the side walls.
After you have a flow of water again, treat on a regular basis with soda crystals - about 99p a bag from most general stores. 


I have had problems in the past with my washing machine backing up causing serious blockages in the kitchen sink. The water is always black with flith. I have howerver resolved the issue.

Basically, it's a simple job of just cleaning the waste pipes. It's caused, more often than not by a build up of grease/oil/fat when you wash the dishes. This hardens in the waste pipe and catches everything else that goes down your plug-hole so that when your washing machine goes on the spin cycle and rids itself of the water, there is too much to flow through the pipes quickly (owing to the dirty pipes), causing a bubbling up in your sink. Simply switch off the mains before you unscrew the pipe under the sink and you need a strong stomach. In future, try not to put dishes/pans in your sink that are coated in oil/food particles. The cleaner your dishes are in the sink, the less the build up of scum on the pipes


Last month I had a similar problem. I made a mixture of baking soda + vinegar + hot water. After that I cover with a drain plug for 8-10 minutes. (to keep the reaction down below the drain surface). It resolved the problem and deodorized the drain.
I hope that can help you, too.
Regards V. Gibson from Clean N Gone


Thank you for the tip V.Gibson, I will remember this for the future.