SMF - Just Installed!

Private Water Supply

Started by blackcloud, April 27, 2017, 07:28:15 PM

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I hope this is of use to rural property owners who are renting or selling

Just had mine tested and reported back fine so Im well happy. I thought Id share my experience if I dare.

I tried the local councils service in the past because it was slightly cheaper than the commercial ones but it took EIGHT WEEKS and over a  dozen phonecalls just to get the lazy arrogant f*ckasses to come out to do the sample.Then around the same effort to get the results.
Never ever again.

This time I used Pozzani (off  t'internet) who are slightly more expensive but  do the Legionella test as well for just a little more.
They send the kit, you fill it up and then DHL it overnight to the lab.
BTW- I found DHL will  collect from yours cheaper than taking it to the depot yourself!
A fortnight later you are emailed a pdf certificate and advice from Pozzani  who can treat the supply if needed.
Sorted. ;D