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What are my rights and next steps after being a tenant for 10 years.

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Author Topic: What are my rights and next steps after being a tenant for 10 years.  (Read 121 times)
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« on: February 07, 2021, 08:17:43 PM »

I have been a tenant for over 10 years in my property and last September I was told that major refurb works needed to happen on my property including replacing the heating as it was condemned because of the placement of the oil tanker (its a very old rural property.)

Because of the urgency of the heating problem i was asked to make alternate living provisions for 2 months and that i needed to be out by 18th October.  They did try and offer me an alternative property but the location and property were not ideal and so they offered to store my possession's whilst i went to a friends - the time was then increased to 4 months - all of this verbal and in good faith.

A week before i was due to leave i received a call to say that I could stay till the summer as they were going to be having some major works done on the farm that would be intrusive and it would be best to move out then when it would be noisy - when i mentioned that the heating was a major factor they said well yes but just thinking of you. This made me feel very nervous however my neighbours who have been there 18 years thought i was being a bit dramatic and they were just being helpful.

Roll on 4 months and nothing has started as they have said about covid preventing them from starting - and I said i didnt understand this as the property is emply and when i phoned this week i found out that they have changed the locks and hadn't told me - they said it was for security.  Everything has been amicable up till now and this weekend they have called and told me that the development work they are intending to carry out on the farm is much bigger than they initially thought and coming back was not an option as it will be a very long time before they start work.  So the contents of my home is being stored by them and my garden things are still there .

So before i take my next steps I want to ask for some advice as to my rights - I understand i cant go back into my property however they have lied and now I am legally homeless with a tenancy agreement with them.  My neighbours have just been told this weekend that they also now have a choice to move out temporarily however they are very nervous too .

What are our legal rights and  what options are available for me and my neighbours to move forward thank you.
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