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Tenant general advice on moving in

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Author Topic: Tenant general advice on moving in  (Read 34 times)
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« on: January 11, 2021, 01:46:47 PM »

Hi all,

I worked as a property manager for 3 years and have worked as an inventory clerk for around 4 years.  In this time I have dealt with numerous issues and seen the common mistakes people made.  So I thought a general thread for dealing for things before there is an issue might be useful.

Here are my thoughts and recommendations for moving into a property:

1) do a thorough inspection before moving in.  Properties come in varying conditions and your landlord or agent are only liable for urgent and important repairs.  If the property is run down then you need to be clear on what will be done before you move in.  Requesting minor repairs after you move in can be a request too late.

2)  request if you want anything done before you move in. You might view the property in a rundown condition and assume the property will be repainted before you move in. This is a common assumption but incorrect. Make sure you have a clear list of your written requirements to be done before you move in.  If you have clear requests that have been agreed to then you have a grievance if this is not done before you move in. If you don't request then your complaint is based on your assumption and will largely be invalid.

3) what will you receive in a furnished property? a furnished property isn't clearly defined.  They can come with simply beds and a sofa or they can have everything you will ever need without any household items having to be bought.  In London you will almost always get white goods, freezer, washing machine etc, outside of London this is not always the case.  I have heard complaints of there being cutlery and with there not being cutlery. You cannot assume.  It is not unusual to do a viewing with current tenants present .  This has led to incoming tenants assuming they'll have a TV.  The TV turns out to be the current tenants property.  So if it is important to you to have minimal items or a fully furnished property be clear what is in the property before you move in.

4) cleaning. Always a big cause for an argument.  Many agents only rent out properties that have been cleaned to a professional standard.  Others just to a domestic standard which involves a light clean.  So if the cleaning standard is important to you make sure you are clear in this before you move in.  For your deposit you are liable to leave the cleaning to the same standard that it was in when you moved in.

The above 4 points all seem to be regular causes for problems at the beginning of tenancies.  Assumption seems to be the core factor.  If you are clear on the above points before you move in the beginning of your tenancy will be a lot less stressful.
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