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Roof/Wall Heavy Leak

Started by maccat03, May 23, 2024, 06:56:05 PM

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Hi everyone,

We have had a leak in our flat for over six months now, which I reported early on when I first noticed damp spots. The agency that manages my flat initially dismissed the issue, advising me to keep them updated, which I have done. However, as you can see in the photos, the leak has worsened over the past three months, regardless of whether the rain is light or heavy. The agency has had a roofer inspect the property multiple times and claims to have identified and fixed the problem, but the roof and walls continue to leak when it rains.

Although the agency has been diligent in sending roofers to our flat, I am unsure what measures have been taken to address the issue effectively. I am concerned about the potential health risks, as there is likely mould growth, and the wall has been stripped to locate the source of the leak. This is particularly worrying since the problem is in our living room and kitchen area, where we prepare our food.

I am seeking advice on whether I can take further action to prioritise the repair, given the ongoing health risks and the lack of resolution. Is it worth pursuing additional steps, or is it futile since the agency is actively attempting to resolve the problem?

Could anyone email so advise how I can attach pictures here to show everyone?



I would advise you contact Environmental Health at your Local Council, do not give detail other than it is a leak and has not been repaired properly and leak remains.

If there is mould then it becomes an issue under the Homes Fitness for Human Habitation Act (2018), you can find Tenant guidance here

If you report to the Council and they make an improvement order then it could add a six month delay to any attempt to evict you.

Sometimes such leaks are the gutters, soffit and fascia, or a down pipe from the gutter.

It is bad that the Agent has just left it as it can damage the building.


I agree with the advice from David. If I was the landlord I would not be very happy about this going on for 6 months,  for all manner of reasons.


As the agent seems to be trying to fix the issue and failing, I'd probably start with them and advise them that the problem hasn't been fixed, and, given the amount of rain we've experienced, is a significant problem and likely damaging the property and your health. They need to act now to correct the problem.
Unless someone's fixing it stat, your next action will be to involve environmental health because they (the agent) don't seem to be able to act fast enough.
If you want to push it, you could ask that, if the outcome of the environmental health visit is that there's been negligence in maintenance and/or the recent repair, you'd be interested in what the landlord considers reasonable compensation.