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Repairs in extreme wind conditions

Started by LG, April 11, 2024, 11:49:33 AM

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Hi All,
Been a tenant for many years and have a very long maintenance list, when the rent is due to increase, maintenance starts to get ticked off the list, we finally had a wobbly wall removed and was replace by fencing, however the fence was not properly fix down, the fence is a bit flimsy from the start, we had some very strong winds and the fixing had almost come out. we had to re fix with new and chemical resin to secure them, I'm glad we did this as the following wind would have blown the fence down for sure, and there is a vehicle the other side of the fence, when we informed the landlord, they said we should not have done this and should of contact them to get the installer back, as it would of still been under warranty, even though they didn't use the correct fixings in the first place! I know this is probably correct, although, thought is best to prevent further damage. I also find it odd that there is never follow up after repairs. The maintenance person has done some good work previously, however I think a skilled person in this area was needed. You thoughts?   


I agree with the landlord. But I also agree that what you did was probably necessary as a matter of urgency.

I am not sure why you are asking, though. Those two points don't seem to be in conflict.