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Moved out October still having issues with Ex Landlord

Started by LifeIsShortEnjoy, January 25, 2024, 12:31:04 AM

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We have had some great advice on here previously regarding an ex landlord that did not protect our deposit, never supplied us with any certificates etc etc.
The advice on here after reading our story was to take the landlord to court for the deposit issue which we have done. She made us an offer of 3k which we accepted then she withdrew the offer and issued a letter full of blatant lies.
She is telling anyone who will listen including our solicitor that we are threatening her, she is afraid of us, we have bailiffs arriving at the house and people banging on the doors at the old house demanding money and she has been unable to move back in to the home because of our behaviour and the house being uninhabitable.

The issue I have with this is I have her blocked on everything, have not engaged with her since the day we moved out and have just seen her list the house for sale with absolutely nothing replaced since we moved out. The furniture, blinds, flooring, light fittings - everything are as we left it.

Our solicitor is a no win no fee acting for the deposit scheme claim but does anyone have any suggestions about what I can do about this information she is putting out there ? I have a business and this is harmful. Just to make sure, I have checked my credit score, there is nobody chasing me and I know this but she is starting to make me feel paranoid !



What she is doing is defamatory. Whether you can do anything about that comes down to cost and effort. But, unless it does some actual harm it's just noise.

Or you could just do nothing and let things take their course. Telling people there are bailiffs turning up is a weird thing to do. Bailiffs act on court orders. You can't just send a bailiff to someone's home. So they're trashing their own reputation.


You mentioned before that the landlord is part of a notorious family. She sounds barely sane frankly, so I doubt if anyone is taking  her claims seriously. I would have thought that having had an offer initially would give you a good chance of success if you take her to court. You should keep records of anything defamatory. I don't do social media, but maybe there is some complaints procedure if this is how she is slagging you off.