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Landlord going back on his word in regards Tenancy Agreement

Started by marcela_ltr, June 02, 2023, 06:50:49 PM

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I've been renting a house in Bristol for over a year now on a monthly rolling contract. Previously, my ex-partner and I were both listed on the contract. However, since we broke up, my ex-partner contacted the landlord to see if he could be removed from the contract and replaced by another tenant. He wanted to move out, while I wanted to stay. Luckily, the landlord initially agreed to this, but with the condition that the prospective tenant passes the estate agency checks.

The timing of this conversation was crucial because it was a week before the notice period. I needed confirmation before deciding whether to give my notice or not. After a lot of effort, I found a suitable replacement tenant and promptly contacted the estate agency. However, they told me that since they don't manage the property, they needed the landlord's approval to proceed. So, I reached out to the landlord, but unfortunately, I didn't get a response for about two weeks.

To my disappointment, today I received a message from the estate agency saying that the landlord changed their mind. This sudden change has put me in a really difficult situation because I could have given my notice if I had known earlier. Now I'm wondering if the landlord can refuse to rent the house to me and the prospective tenant, even though we both passed credit checks, earn enough to cover the rent, and have references and guarantors. It's important to mention that the landlord had agreed to this before, which makes me even more confused and frustrated.

Given the circumstances, I kindly ask for your assistance in clarifying the legal position and explaining the options available to me. I strongly believe that my rights as a tenant should be respected, especially considering the landlord's initial agreement. Any guidance you can provide to help me through this challenging situation would be greatly appreciated.


I am confused.Has the landlord issued you with S21 notice? You refer to the notice period.If you want to give notice yourself you can still do so.The landlord has changed their mind,and it would be wise now to look for somewhere else.Nothing that you mention suggests that the landlord has failed to honour your rights, though I would  agree that they have messed you around and been unhelpful on the face of it.


Unless you or your ex has given the landlord notice, the joint tenancy is still in place.
Nothing has changed.