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EPC rating too high

Started by JacE, February 20, 2024, 06:33:29 PM

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I'm newly renting a property that had been empty for over a year (previous tenant had not paid for 8 months)In Nov 23 it had an EPC inspection and scored a C. I believe this to be wrong, it's single glazed (very old windows) that are draughty, the radiators do not work at all downstairs (currently waiting for someone to come and look at them) there is a draught through a broken window next to the front door. How can this be C rated? Is it possible this was not carried out properly? The loft insulation was not checked as the hatch is sealed (shared loft with adjoining buildings). Just wondering what my rights are? Ideally want to push a case for double glazing, was thinking if the rating drops then the landlords may be forced to re-invest now that there are paying tenants... Just asking for opinions/thoughts. Thank you.


As long as the EPC rating is E or better, there's no legal requirement for the landlord to improve it. My home is rated D.

Obviously you can discuss it with your landlord, but you can also move somewhere better.

EPC ratings are notoriously rubbish.


No rights.

If you wanted to pay for your own EPC to be commissioned and it conflicted drastically with the existing one, then I'm sure an interesting conversation could be had. Otherwise the EPC is what it is - and can't have been "self-done" by the Landlord - no matter what you believe.

The whole point of the EPC is to provide prospective Tenants with data points to enable you to make your choices. Intimating that it ain't correct afterwards implies it's something you care deeply about - the beauty of renting. Vote with your feet.


Don't think a tenant has ever raised this before on here.  Certainly I have never had anyone show the slightest interest in the EPC when viewing.

The landlord is legally covered, so if you are not happy with that you should not have agreed to move in. It sounds as if the radiators are going to be fixed, and while waiting for the broken window to be replaced,why not afix something across it to keep out the draught?