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Ending a tenancy agreement early/damp and mould

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Author Topic: Ending a tenancy agreement early/damp and mould  (Read 1914 times)
« on: March 27, 2011, 12:23:17 AM »

Hello fellow Tenants,

Wondering if anyone has had a similar experience or has any constructive advice as to what my rights are regarding my current tenant hell... Sorry it's a bit of a rant...

In brief; We have just begun the 3rd month of a 6 month short hold tenancy agreement, which was discussed would carry on into the long term. Two and a half weeks after moving in damp and mould appeared in the two front bedrooms, around windows and on exterior walls, the wallpaper itself was soaking and lifting, my 19 month old sons chest of drawers had mould growing on the back panel. We informed our landlord who got a firm out to view the property in their presence who advised condensation, landlord said that we had not been ventilating the property properly and it was our fault. We have never experienced damp in previous homes and were ventilating the same amount. We called environmental health who confirmed that the property would have become damp no matter who the tenant was due to the nature of the building and put us forward for free cavity wall insulation (as we have a toddler). Landlord would not accept this and hired an architect to assess the property and it was found that the front wall had structural problems which was causing the damp. We now have not had use of my sons bedroom nice week 3 of the tenancy due to Walls being stripped and the application of anti fungal wash, he is in his cot in the small bedroom which has office equipment in (my partner works from home), it is very cramped and prevents my partner using the room a an office, also my son should be in his bed but that is not possible in that room. Also it has been decided that air bricks need to replace some bricks at the front of the house so scaffolding will have to go up while work is carried out, also our bedroom will need stripping and anti fungal washing as there is mould growing on the wallpaper and it is lifting, and the wash has to be on for 2.5 weeks before painting! I am very upset about the whole situation, we have always been excellent tenants, receiving our full bond back on previous property, we are both professionals and don't claim any benefits. Basically I want to broach mutual surrender with landlord or find a way due to the state of the property in which we can terminate the agreement. Landlord is still demanding full rent although we are not able to use the property to it's full extent. Any advice welcome, sorry for the long winded "in brief"!!!
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