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Advice needed on heating repairs please

Started by Stuee, February 20, 2024, 08:07:00 PM

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Hi, I'm a single tenant in a 2 bed rented flat which is long and narrow (layout is a bit like a park home) and the roomstat is in the lounge at one end.
There are no TRVs and some of the radiator valves won't turn at all (a couple that do turn leak if I adjust them) so I can't control the heating in individual rooms. This is obviously wasteful and expensive.

I have asked my landlady's permission to have TRVs fitted (at my own expense and leaving them in situ at the end of the tenancy) but she has refused. Seems a bit daft!

Anyway, where do I stand please? Can I insist she at least has the valves that don't operate properly replaced? Shall I have TRVs fitted anyway and just not tell her? Probably too late for that now I've asked and she's said no, I suppose 🤦🏻�♂️

Any guidance would be appreciated. Thank you.


You could fit them and, other than serve a s21 notice when it's possible, I'm not sure what the landlord could do about it.
But I'm also not really sure why the landlord said no. Sometimes it's more about who's going to do the work than who pays for it.

If the heating doesn't work (and valves that don't turn or leak don't work), tell the landlord and ask for a timescale to get them repaired.