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Started by Outsidethebox, June 09, 2023, 03:24:29 PM

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Hope everyone is well.

My partner and I find myself in a difficult position.

We have been flirting with homelessness for nearly 2 years now.

To be clear we have never been on the streets and other than 4 nights in our car
We have been in hotels or temporary lodgings for most of it.

Our temporary accommodation comes to an end in 5 weeks and are desperate for a permanent address because my partner is close to renal failure and needs a permanent address to receive home dialysis before a transplant.

She has been unable to work for 6 years and with me as sole earner we have accrued debts making it near impossible to rent somewhere. Our creditors are aware of our situation and being very understanding fortunately but that doesn't change our credit is not great.

What we need is a landlord willing to accept us with our baggage. Despite our problems we have afforded to pay rent every month since 2015 as well being able to pay for a hotel 3 months of 2022. A guarantor could also be put in place.

My partner receives UC what little we get after my wages are deducted.

We also have 2 cats which doesn't make renting any easier.

We are close to my partner starting her treatment so finding somewhere to live is urgent for us.

Council say 6 years wait in our current residence even with my partners critical condition so our only hope is that there are people out there who can help.

Thank you for reading any suggestions would be welcomed.