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16 Years of Rent!

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Author Topic: 16 Years of Rent!  (Read 87 times)
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« on: July 13, 2022, 11:38:32 AM »

Hope everyone is well, would like to share my experiences and welcome any help/advice.
We are currently leaving a property that we have rented for 16 years. The main reason for leaving would be neglect of the property from the landlords side. The landlord, has never done anything to the premises, such as redecorating etc. which we of course had to do couple times throughout the years. We were very good tenants, looked after the house and made it our home for the past years, even though the place started to slowly show itís age. How much of your own money and effort can you put into someone else property? Every time we needed something done, letís say a bathroom sink breaks, the landlord would insist that if he got a plumber out etc. the rent would increase, just not long ago Iíve realised from help of others that I have been manipulated for all these years. Thereís a one example of many, some of you might think i am joking. In spring we had a quite big rain fall in London, couple days later Iíve had a massive leak in the kitchen, itís a two floor house so I though Iíve had burst pipes etc. contacted the landlord with pictures etc. his response was that I shouldíve spotted the problem before the leak happened, no plumber was called with the kitchen flooding, he told me after wards that the gutter probably needs cleaningÖstill never came around to look at the damaged walls, pure neglect of the property. Thereís so many things, for example the boiler inspection has only been round for the past 2 years, 14 years no one come around.

Few weeks ago he came around, I called him regarding bathroom sink that has not worked for years and the bathroom door. He came around started a massive argument, screaming etc. because I couldnít unblock the sink myself, even though a plumber is needed to change the pipes. This was the last straw that broke the camels back. Iíve decided to look for a new house and have a fresh start.

Now this is where I need advice and opinions from you guys. Served the landlord with a months notice, heís telling me he needed 3 months at least, very unsure what he is talking about.
More manipulation, now the landlord is telling me that there is damages in the property thatíll be charged with. Are the damages heís talking about is the ruined ceilings because of the leaks, the mastic peeled of the windows that been there for 20 years?
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« Reply #1 on: July 13, 2022, 12:30:13 PM »

Relax and take your time with this one.

Your ability to serve notice depends on what kind of tenancy you currently have. I am going to assume you signed a fixed term agreement many years ago and you are currently on what is called a "statutory periodic tenancy". That is also known as "periodic", "rolling" or "month-to-month". In that case then - yes - you have to provide at least one month notice. The Landlord cannot insist on a longer notice period. It's simply not possible to override statute.

However, if you have been re-signing new tenancy agreements every year for the duration of you staying there, then there may well be a fixed term that exists. If so, it's unlikely to be in 3 months, so the Landlord could be being lenient? Seems doubtful. But the question is about whether you are in a fixed term, or not - I bet you aren't so at least one month will be valid (and cannot be extended by the other side).

If there are damages to the property then they can be charged for - usually as deductions from the Deposit. Have you paid a Deposit? If so, when? Deposit protection law has been around for about 15 years I think. You do say you've been there 16 years. That might not have any impact. It's entirely possible a Landlord had to even bring existing tenancies into the realm of protected Deposits after some time. However, that's not the key to my question, not really. Over a period of 16 years of course there can be damage. However, a lot of anything that happens would easily be put down to "reasonable wear-and-tear". So I doubt that the Landlord would be able to charge you for much. The thing is - where is this money? Is it held by the Landlord as a Deposit? Is it held by a Deposit Protection scheme? Is it currently in your pocket and the Landlord is threatening to charge you? I don't think any answer is bad for you here.

If the Landlord holds a £s Deposit - there's the question of whether it should be protected, and is.

If the Landlord has protected the Deposit - then every scheme has a process whereby you can challenge any deductions, after 16 years I reckon most things anyone could come up with would result in a favourable decision.

If the money the Landlord wants to charge you is actually in your possession, then just laugh in his face and refuse to give him anything. He can sue if he wants.
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I like property

« Reply #2 on: July 13, 2022, 01:11:03 PM »

Check your tenancy agreement for your notice period.

For possible deposit deductions. Check the landlord has protected the deposit correctly and sent all necessary paperwork to you.

If there are any deductions, make your side clear in writing first and raise a dispute if he doesn't budge.
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