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Template Deed of Assignment to declare beneficial interests in a property

Started by HandyMan, July 19, 2022, 05:51:34 PM

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My wife is the owner of a property that we are selling.

There will be a CGT liability since it is no longer her main residence.

We've done the CGT calculation based on:

- Purchase price & costs of purchase
- Sale price & costs of sale
- The length of time she originally lived there
- The length of time it was subsequently rented out
- The final 9 months Private Residence Relief
- CGT allowance
- Our respective incomes

and have determined that we would minimise our combined CGT liability if the beneficial interest was split:

- 55% to my wife
- 45% to me

I believe she (or each of us?) has to submit HMRC Form 17 'Declaration of beneficial interests in joint property and income' and that this must be accompanied by a Deed of Assignment.

If I'm wrong about any of the above, please could someone correct me?

Does anyone have a template Deed of Assignment they'd be willing to share please? Or an actual Deed with personal details redacted?