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Mould reported with no physical signs.

Started by RuesClues, February 28, 2024, 11:32:20 PM

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My tenant has contacted me to say they suspect mould at the property they have rented for 6 months. There are no physical signs of mould on walls, ceilings behind furniture etc. The property is an Edwardian Brick built detached house.
The tenants have expressed concerns that their health has deteriorated since living in the property.
With no history of damp at the property and no physical signs of mould/condensation Can anyone give me any advice of what I should do next.
I know I can rule out damp with a traditional damp survey but these don't specifically test for mould? Does anyone have experience on specific tests for mould.. I'm wary of companies who might be seeing ££ signs because of all the recent focus on mould but also want to do the right thing.


I would sympathise, but mould is a living organism and isn't usually invisible. But if the tenants feel that the property is unhealthy for them, I'd suggest that you confirm that they're free to move out at any time and you'll waive any fixed term they've committed to.

It's quite possible that the property is perfectly healthy for most people, just not them.


You could tell them they are at liberty to contact the local Environmental health for an opinion. I would also however follow the advice from jpk,  and tell them you are happy to release them from the contract.

There is no such thing as invisible mould. If they are telling the truth, and not just trying it on, there could be other reasons including emotional ones making them feel unwell. It's not your problem though, so I would be prepared to serve s21 if they persist in blaming the property.