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Started by, August 13, 2022, 10:06:25 AM

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Hi, our tennant has put up a fence. Done a very nice job, however he has fixed his supports into our side of next doors wall and they are moaning about fixing into "their" wall. What is his position on this?


What is his position? He's moaning about it.

What is the overall position? I'm sure there's a legal one... but surely you hope it doesn't go that route... and removing fixings that have been put into a wall will probably cause more damage that leaving it as-is. How about a bottle of wine and some chocolates and a heartfelt apology to smooth things over? Otherwise... what does he really want - the fence removing, compensation? Refuse the first, consider the second at a modest level, maybe. I would call it "goodwill".

Even though you don't live there and the next door neighbour should have no contact with you - or any route to contact you (it's not clear whether the message is passed-on or direct) - it's not very wise to end up creating an enemy through being stubborn about it. Contrition and an 'offering' might work. And, if there's future damage to the wall that everyone agrees is down to these fixings... you'll, of course, take it on for him! Will that settle him? I would find it hard to balk at that.


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