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Started by geek84, August 24, 2023, 10:51:55 AM

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Hi Folks

I have been a buy to let landlord for a few years now.  I tend to buy a property and after having any necessary maintenance done, I then let it out to tenants.
I am now thinking of taking this a step further.  By that I mean, I am thinking of buying properties which need considerable work doing to it, then getting builders to do the work and then either sell at a profit or letting it out to tenants.  However, I have minimum knowledge of how to do this. 
I was thinking of going on some property management courses in order to increase my knowledge in that area, but these courses tend to be very expensive.

Have anyone of  you been on such a course and did you find it worthwhile?

Thanks in advance for your responses.


Why would you need to go on a course?

Are you trying to surreptitiously sell a course? Are you going to "do some research" and then let us all know about this "brilliant" course you found?

If not... then what's different to budgeting just like you would for normal renovations? What is it exactly you have minimum knowledge of? Selling a house? Engaging a Builder? If you're buying it to improve and let - then the task is only a little bit more complex than what you've been doing already... you create some kind of Schedule of Works for yourself, know what needs doing, figure out if that's within your budget, possibly even get some idea of costs from professionals before you buy... then buy, and engage professionals in a sensible order... work your way through and then you're done.

Biggest one I've done was where a re-wire was needed (inc. new switches and sockets throughout), new boiler, brand new kitchen, new flooring throughout, new shower (not new bathroom), plastering, leak-proofing, damp-proofing, revamped cellar, new Velux window, new skirting throughout (although that was my mistake - not needed and a PITA to do as a DIYer)... it's just the order of things... then it's just.. things.

What I enjoyed most? Leaving the front door open, and house unsecured, for three days while I eventually got it to a beautiful and striking, Pillar Box Red.

Good luck - if you have the time, it's fun. I'd like to do another... a bungalow.


Thanks Hippogriff

I guess it would be a job in itself?  I have a 9 to 5 job, so may have to think twice before doing such a thing.

The reason I mentioned going on a course was to pick up any possible hints/tips of how to get things done quicker and cheaper.


Forget going on a course and listen to me - I have these magic beans you might be interested in...