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electricity split

Started by constantine, February 08, 2024, 11:21:55 AM

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Hi to all, i am new here.
I jointly own the freehold to a building - 1 b/r flat on the first floor, my office in the ground floor and the lower ground floor (semi-basement). the plan is to convert the lower ground area (appx 40 sq m) into a small residential flat.  to do that, we need to create separate electricity meters for the ground floor and the small flat so that each unit is responsible for their own electricity. I spoke to uk power networks and they say this is a matter for the electricity provider - so far so good. But the problem is the main electricity supply service for the whole building is located in the lower ground floor where the new flat will be. The uk power networks quoted £3800 to move it to the ground floor. the reason i want to move it is i'd rather have it in my office (ground floor) rather than have control over it in the hands of the tenant in the new flat. any ideas how to achieve the objective more efficiently? And the other thing that springs to mind is, if we wanted to grant long leases to each of the 3 units, how is it done by law? must each unit have its own electricity mains service? i hope it is clear and many thanks.