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Do I need an agent?

Started by DougL78, September 27, 2023, 01:56:47 PM

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I am in the process of buying my first btl property. The agent I am buying from is basically insisting that I need their letting and management services, but I guess they would say that wouldn't they.
I just wonder what the general consensus is - agent vs no agent?
I am aware that there are many pitfalls in being a landlord and so any advice as to where to go for general help (if I don't use an agent) would be appreciated?


Yes, they would say that, wouldn't they?

When I have used an Agent in the past it has been for their Tenant Find service only. That comes with a one-off charge. I have done it only a few times, but I have also used UPad to market properties on RightMove etc..

The place you'd go to for general help is... well, it's here... that's if you think you can hack it.