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Do I need an agent?

Started by DougL78, September 27, 2023, 01:56:47 PM

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I am in the process of buying my first btl property. The agent I am buying from is basically insisting that I need their letting and management services, but I guess they would say that wouldn't they.
I just wonder what the general consensus is - agent vs no agent?
I am aware that there are many pitfalls in being a landlord and so any advice as to where to go for general help (if I don't use an agent) would be appreciated?


Yes, they would say that, wouldn't they?

When I have used an Agent in the past it has been for their Tenant Find service only. That comes with a one-off charge. I have done it only a few times, but I have also used UPad to market properties on RightMove etc..

The place you'd go to for general help is... well, it's here... that's if you think you can hack it.


I've been self managing for around 10 years. I did very briefly hand one property to right move but they were useless & I took it back within 2 months.  Bottom line the buck falls with you.

If your organised, make sure you do your leases properly & check off everything you need to provide to the tenants & keep records of everything you should be ok & save yourself 10 - 15% agents commission.

I will say I do use my local estate agent for tenant finder services, they show them the house & credit check them, this saves me a lot of time but it's quite expensive at £486 (inc).


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