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Property Ladder- Repeat on More4- Bow & Surbiton- attack of the hippies

Started by propertyfag, September 20, 2008, 05:05:43 PM

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This is a few months old, but i've not seen it before. Anyone else watch(ing) it on channel More4?

The two developers in this episode are not only looking to make money, but also hoping to make a difference to the environment. But they've both chosen rather unlikely properties to make their statements.

Two sets of hippie (green) developers try and develop environmentally friendly properties. It's pretty crazy, hence entertaining.

house In Bow

Yoga teacher Claire Harrigan wants to develop a 'healthy house' - a home free of modern toxins and filled with spirit-lifting ideas, such as 'happy' coloured lighting and wiring carefully diverted from sleeping areas.
Anyways,she's hot and pretty weird- my type of girl :) Weird? Yes. She thinks people will pay extra for a house that is insolated with plastic cystals and old newspapers...

Flat in Surbiton

Lecturer JP Frazer and astronomer Julie Cave want to do an environmentally friendly development, but they've chosen an unlikely property: an unremarkable 1970s flat in the London commuter belt town of Surbiton.

What made me laugh is that they wanted to construct, what appeared to be a 2k fish tank stuffed with plants (because it's meant to purify the air), in hope that it would compensate for the lack of garden (they're developing a flat).

Please, someone tell me they also watched this?