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Property Ladder: 7th May- Shoreditch (repeat)

Started by Badger, May 08, 2008, 08:01:04 AM

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Property Ladder has been following the progress of developer Tallat Mukhtar for six whole years and now the Beeny's back to see if he's managed to fulfil his dream of hitting the big time. After turning his back on a lucrative career in merchant banking in 2002 it turns out he's been buying up property like there's no tomorrow, amassing a multi-million pound portfolio.

Nice to see the guy again last night even though they did the same thing, why dont they just call it a repeat.
Anyway the guy last night i feel has the right idea for someone who had no money who wants to develop a housing empire.
Buy Buy buy and develop, BUT have a good solid foundation in relation to a job.  He went and started a tile business which is supporting him through his developments, in fact it has supported him to do 21 developments.
The thing is some people think what he has done is stupid as he isnt making any money in the propertys and he is riding the market and one that could crash.
Now he on paper is worth A few million.  And to be honest if he sold everything and paid off all the mortgages i feel he would come out of it with a nice profit.  His mortgages total 2 million.

We all dont live in an ideal world, this guy has made what looks like a good living for himself and he is doing something he enjoys.  The fact he aint rolling in it doesnt mean he has nt achieved.  It would be nice if we could all buy our houses out right and have 21 places that we own, but hey this is why i think the boy has done well.  From a humble start to a great development business mind,


I missed it last night, so I'm going to watch it tonight. They didn't show an episode from the current season because Grand Design live has been on Channel 4 in Property ladders usual spot. That's why they showed a repeat episode on More4.

We should be seeing an episode from the new season next week!


I'm watching this episode now. I'm really liking his vibe. He isn't messing around, he's just getting on with things. I know he dragged the project on, but I like the fact he did the plastering himself for £400 in 1 day, when the contractor wanted 5k, and needed 1 week.

His approach may not be the safest, but I love the fact that he just took a massive gamble and went into the market without knowing anything. Thing is, he had good common sense, and some times that makes all the difference. A lot of the times, people have no common sense, and that's why they end up in shit.

I'll comment further after I've finished watching the episode. I remember watching this one years ago, but I can't remember all the details.


Man, that flat was real sweet. I loved his interior design. That wallnut flooring was pretty sexual! The sink in the bathroom was also very cool. The fact he did it all for 45k was decent, in my opinion.

I can't believe he left his job to take on the project fulltime! That was ballsy, and inspirational!

Overall, I thought it was an extremely decent project. He was standing to make a 110k profit if he sold. Good stuff!!!

He evidently learned a lot from his first project, as he explained in the final interview with Beeny. Good to see that he wasn't a stubborn mule, because he realised where he messed up. His 2nd project was actual proof that he learned from his mistakes.

"I come from a finance background, we're taught to hold onto your capital and build on that"- good quote he made.

I really dug his style.


Totally agree with you PF!

However I thought it was a 'Revisited' episode and not so much a repeat. I believe next weeks episode is the same...  :-\

'Sarah Beeny revisits Philip Martinson and Stephen Hodgkinson who appeared in the first series back in 2001. The pair had given up secure jobs for a new career in property and found the change was harder than they imagined. Upon revisiting Philip and Stephen, it is clear that they have serious talent, but not just in developing.'

Like I said before; I wanna see new projects, new mistakes and more stupid people! ;D

Why is there a lack new material?


Ha, sounds like this weeks episode is going to show be interesting, even if it is a revisit. I remember those twins!

I'm not sure they lack new material. Do you think due to the turn in the market people are less willing to develop on TV, because there's a high risk of failure?

Regardless, I really enjoyed this revisit- but my only problem was they spent too much time revisiting the original prohect, instead of focusing more on that guys current situation. They should have spent 15 mins going over his first project, and then the rest of the time should have been spent on showing how he progressed!!

That guy made me want to buy more property though. I guess that's the danger of property ladder...


The flats he did where really nice especially for 2002 was it.

I think for most people to do all of that .. the 3 shops ... developing ... being a landlord ... a dj, it would be WAY way to much.
But you could just see he had that kind of personality to not be fazed by anything which meant nothing went wrong and nothing was to big for him to take on.

Id like to see how much he's worth in about 10 years.. im sure it would be impressive.


More and more first home buyers have found to buy a house becomes more and more like climbing a mountain expansion. Situation is brought about by rising interest rates and skyrocketing housing prices. Further exacerbate these problems is to provide cheap loans to stop lending.


I anticipate for a lot of humans to do all of that .. the 3 shops ... developing ... getting a freeholder ... a dj, it would be WAY way to much. But you could just see he had that affectionate of personality to not be ashamed by annihilation which meant annihilation went amiss and annihilation was to big for him to yield on.