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Property Ladder: 28st May- London, Islington

Started by propertyfag, May 28, 2008, 09:45:14 PM

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I've not seen this one yet, i'll do a catch up tomorrow. But here it is anyways...

Property 1- Upper Street

The location of Marigold Charles and Joel Peters' large flat on bustling Upper Street is both its strength and its weakness. Its two neighbouring bars have just been granted extended licenses to 2am, and that could affect the property's saleability.

The couple want to retain the flat's spaciousness by keeping it a single bedroom property. The only bedroom will have only one tiny window, and they want to turn the roof terrace into a conservatory, reducing the amount of premium outside space.

Sarah thinks that they'd be off their rockers to make this a one bedroom flat. To make the most money, she thinks they should split it into separate flats: two studio flats at the front and a one-bedroom flat at the back.

But the couple are dead against the idea and feel they don't have time to rethink their plans. But when they get building quotes, which exceed their budget by thousands of pounds, they're forced into a rethink anyway...

Property 2 - Arundel Square

Katie McCrum and Sarah Garrett have bought an ex-squat two-storey, two-bedroom maisonette at auction. But they bought it unseen, so they have have no idea what kind of work is ahead of them.
As a squat it hadn't been maintained very well – there's wet rot downstairs. Worse, the back of the house has slipped dangerously and might need underpinning, which would cost thousands of pounds.

The purchase is a massive gamble.

Who watched this one? Any good? From the review I read, the couple in property 1 sounded like the typical "know-it-alls" that ignored Beeny's advise...