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Will moving abroad make me breach my mortgage terms?

Started by mikeyp009, November 06, 2023, 03:04:02 PM

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Hi, looking for any advice from others who have been in similar situations. I own one property on a btl mortgage. I have a job offer in France, with visa etc. I can't see anything in my mortgage terms specifically banning me from moving abroad, does anyone know if the lender has any power to end the mortgage/call breach of mortgage terms if I do go ahead with the move? I will keep my UK bank account open for payments. Thanks!


If the mortgage terms don't preclude you not living in the UK, I'm not sure what the lender could do about it. I'd definitely check again, though.

Even if it isn't mentioned, I'd imagine that it would make any remortgage much more difficult.
There are people who specialise in UK BTL mortgages to non-UK residents.