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Started by LucasGarnett, January 29, 2024, 03:34:38 PM

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Hi there everyone,
My name is Lucas and I am a final year student studying property finance and investment. I am currently working on my dissertation and was hoping anyone could spare a few minutes to answer four quick questions to help with my project.
1)   What constitutes a good buy-to-let property investment for you?
2)   What factors do you look for before purchasing a new buy-to-let property?
3)   As a landlord, what are the biggest problems that arise?
4)   In terms of location, what factors do you look for when deciding where to buy a property?

Any help at all would be greatly appreciated,
Kind regards


1. Price V Income
2. Desirability, how much work required and how much ongoing maintenance would be needed
3. Legislative / tax changes
4. Local to me to sort issues / complete work


It is Riptide's point number 3 that is the reason why many landlords are selling up,and one of the reasons I have no interest whatsoever in looking to buy any more BTLs. I do agree that his comments cover the main considerations. 


yep Number 3, is why my rental house is on sale too.