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Mortgage Interest 20% Tax Credit - Am I Eligible?

Started by Taiga, January 25, 2024, 11:44:02 PM

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Hi all,

I purchased a BTL property 15 years ago with cash. Then, 3 years ago I mortgaged said property and loaned the released money to my new Ltd company. The Ltd company then purchased a BTL property with cash.

My question is - Are my mortgage interest payments eligible for the 20% Tax Credit? I always assumed not, but now I'm unsure.

Any input greatly appreciated, as I'm a carer with little time & the tax return deadline is bearing down! I appreciate this is a question for my accountant but they won't reply in time.


The tax deadline for this year's return began last April.
You've had more than three years to ask your accountant this question.
It probably should have been asked before you decided to take out the mortgage because it's a lot of money.

Is this a homework question?