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Process with the bailiffs

Started by JMP, June 25, 2024, 01:44:57 PM

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I'm going through the process of evicting a tenant and I'm now at the stage of sending the court the N325 form to apply for a warrant for repossession.  The Court issued an order for possession on 12th June saying the tenant had to leave the property by 26th June.  That sent to me and the tenant on 24th June which left them 2 days to leave.  Is that normal as it obviously isn't enough time to go to the council and ask to be rehoused. 

When the N325 form is sent to the court does anyone know how much notice the bailiffs give before they go to the property?  Also what actually happens when the tenant receives that notice?  If they go to the council do the council realise the tenant is about to be evicted so they have to house them?  I'm guessing the bailiffs don't just turn up and put a tenant out on the street.  I want the tenant to leave but also want it to go as smooth as possible so that they have somewhere to go when the leave the property.  Since the order for possession only gave two days notice I'm hoping the bailiff notice is longer.  Lastly does anyone know on average how long it takes for the court to issue the warrant for possession?

Thanks as always for any help.


There can be a very long wait for the bailiffs after you send off the form, so don't hold your breath!

The Bailiffs have to send a formal notice 14 days before they attend to execute a warrant, giving the tenant a date and time that they'll be attending. They also send a notice (often posted by hand) to "the occupants" in case there are people living there who are not on the tenancy agreements.

Most repossessions are at an empty property. The bailiffs will call the police if the tenant's refuse to leave. You need to be there (or use an agent) with a locksmith in case the door is locked and then to change the locks.