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Looking for advice on if you suspect a tenant provided false identity.

Started by LG, April 03, 2024, 12:51:29 PM

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Dear all, Firstly I'm a newbie and this is my first time posting on a forum. I have a question about a property that was purchase that was occupied with tenants, I drafted the tenancy agreement and requested the tenant to provide me with identification for all tenants over the age of 18 that are in the property, and their right to rent codes. The tenant sent passports and codes which I checked and all was approved and matched. I had a copy of the original tenancy agreement from the previous landlord and all details of the tenants was the same. However the tenancy agreement was sent over to the tenant to be signed with the new landlords, the two tenants who are named on the original and new tenancy agreement both signed, or so we thought, one of the tenant, who signed the new agreement, appears not be the person who is named on either new or the old tenancy or any of the identification that was provided by the tenant. Please advise on how I should address this matter with the tenant, the correct way.

Thank you  :) 


The tenancy agreement is a contract so it has to be signed by the parties named on it, so it's probably not valid.

If the tenancy agreement is between John Landlord and Steve Tenant and Robert Joint-Tenant and it comes back signed by Steve Tenant and Richard Complete-Stranger it's not valid.

So that means that the original agreement is probably still in force. Which means the tenants are still the ones named on that, regardless of who's actually living there.

That's the start point. I think you need to politely ask the tenants what's going on. Possibly starting by asking why the names don't match.