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Landlord obligations

Started by Simon24, March 31, 2024, 08:08:41 AM

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Hi. I bought a house to rent out and it came with old but expensive carpets. The agent found a tenant for me and agreed that I would get the carpets cleaned. Stupidly, I got a cheap guy, a cowboy, who flooded the carpets and used fairy liquid which left marks and the carpet and underlay is now damaged. The tenant has been there for 2 years having renewed the tenancy after one year and insisting I replace the carpet like for like with that very expensive type. Do I have to replace like for like or can I put good carpet but not the most expensive.there is nothing in the agreement about carpet. I was going to not renew the tenancy but my agent said I won't get him out! Appreciate help!


You don't have to replace the carpet like for like. I'm not sure how your tenant thinks that they can "insist" on something. What's their plan if you don't do what they insist?

I always use really good underlay and cheaper carpet, on the basis that I have to change the carpet every few years, but the underlay lasts for ages. Feels surprisingly good.


Thank you so much for replying. The agent has told me that he can stop paying me the rent and also if I decide to not renew the tenancy, the tenant won't leave saying that the old carpet has made his family ill and very stressful.


What utter crap. I advise that when you replace the carpets you also replace the agent with one who not only knows what he is talking about, but also cares more about you, the one who pays his fees.

You do not have to provide the same type of carpet. He cannot legally stop paying rent. If the tenancy term is over now you can serve notice (S21)  I can't imagine that damp from 2 years ago would not have dried out by now.If he and his family are "ill" why on earth does he want to carry on living there? He would have to show written proof from a doctor that not only are they all suffering from some diagnosed medical condition,but that the carpet is a likely cause, if you are worried about compensation.   


I agree. The agent works for you, not the tenant. This one doesn't understand that.

The tenant has just renewed a tenancy, so any complaints about the condition of the carpet and its effects on their health don't make a lot of sense. If they were concerned for their health, they'd have moved.


Thank you everyone. The tenant is very tricky and the agent says he can go nuclear!