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Joint Tenancy, 1 person moved out

Started by Trisha12345, November 06, 2023, 11:32:00 AM

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Another question regarding the section 8 I have issued.

The tenancy was in joint names as was a married couple so I issued the section 8 in both names to the address. The lady of this couple has now confirmed the husband has left, she has no forwarding address for him and she will not provide any other contact details for me to be able to issue his section 8 form.

Any one know if the section 8 is still valid, as I have not had any communication from the husband to say he no longer lives there and he has not asked to be removed from the tenancy agreement

Many thanks


Yes, it should be valid. If you want to be hyper careful, send copies of everything to each person addressed separately, in case he gets his mail redirected. But, as long as he's not served notice, he's still one of the tenants.

If the husband does serve valid notice, and the tenancy is periodic, the tenancy would end for both of them.