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Started by julie1, July 01, 2024, 07:39:56 PM

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Our property is let with a working fridge/freezer but the milk shelf in the fridge has broken along with the moulds that the shelf hangs on.

This means to replace the shelf we would have to buy a new door.  Due to the age of the appliance, replacing the door would not be cost-effective, although the appliance is in good working order.

The tenant wants the shelf fixed (which we can't do) or a door replaced.

Do I have to replace it even though the appliance is in good working order?

I understand that it may be inconvenient to use one of the fridge shelves to house milk but does this warrant replacing the whole door?

Any thoughts or has this happened to anyone else who can give me advice?

Thank you.


What does the tenancy agreement say about the fridge/ freezer?
Is the fridge/freezer a free standing item or is it an integrated unit?
How did it "break"?


It's a fridge freezer.

They don't cost the earth and you've already stated that it is decrepit.

Things just break, often this can be directly related to age.

Unless there are other things going on, which are entirely unsaid, then my view is that by starting a forum post about this then you've already wasted more time and effort than this decision deserves and, therefore, you've lost sight of what your role is in this scenario.

Answer: go onto the site of John Lewis, AO or Currys, buy a new fridge freezer, get the whole package (delivery, recycle, install) and arrange it, then move on. Raise the rent by £15 a month at the next opportunity. This is so simple I feel you should not be a Landlord. Afterwards you can take stock of whether you want to include any white goods - what's obvious here is that it's just something that was in the property... you didn't go out of your way to supply it, it's just your tat. Have a quiet think about how you've managed to come across as being one step away from "slum Landlord" and decide if that's what you want to be.


I have not had any white goods including my own repaired for many years. It is not worth the hassle. I do as Hippogriff suggests, worth every penny to get it all sorted.