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Electricians still having a go?

Started by Hippogriff, April 03, 2024, 09:44:57 AM

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Just had an Electrician tell me that he can't replace a MCB with a RCBO on a non-metal Consumer Board because it doesn't meet regulations. When pressed, that turns out to be "because it's combustible". When pressed further he spun some story about how some Body (not somebody) told him he couldn't even move someone else's existing consumer board from one wall to another 'cos of the regulations.

Now, although unrelated and he was just waffling at this point, I can actually see how that might ring true - moving a plastic Consumer Board might be considered an install, so that's a no-no in this day and age.

But replacing an existing MCB on an existing RCD with a RCBO in isolation does not. That's positive pro-active upgrading of a component that just happens to be sitting inside a plastic Consumer Unit.

In the end it'll be £110 to supply and fit the RCBO... but, apparently, only £595 to replace the whole thing with a brand, spanking new, Full Metal Jacket Consumer Board. Can't be right... but I'm going to ask him for clarity when he arrives, as he is coming (he did backtrack on his objection).


£700 for fitting a new Consumer Unit with RCBOs... recommended brand now is apparently FuseBox (who I've never heard of before). They look inexpensive, but he says they're nice to work with...


Don' t get me started on electricians. I had one who claimed all the fingernail tracks on his back happened when he got stuck in a loft. 


I suppose there's a man who's good at his job, whether doing it in a loft or not.