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Completing an N325 form

Started by JMP, June 24, 2024, 11:29:25 AM

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I'm going through the process of repossessing my property and I'm now at the completing the N325 form stage.  Can I get some help on completing this. 

Section 4 - Warrant Details.  I'm not asking the tenant to pay any court costs for the repossession so do I leave this section blank as I'm not asking the bailiff to recover any money from the tenant.

On the right hand side of the form,

The Fee Account Number.  I don't yet have this so I leave that blank?

On the I certify section. I have crossed through the two statement in brackets on point 1.  On point 2 do I delete that completely?

The Court have told me there's an EX97A form that needs to be completed as well.  I have found that online but it appears to be from 2015.  Is this the most up to date version?  If there's a more recent version can someone post a link please?

As far as I'm aware I complete these two forms along with a covering letter, post them to the court, they will need to call me to take payment then a date will be set for the bailiffs. 

Thanks as always for any help anyone can offer.


Yes, leave that section blank or complete it with zeros. If the claim was based on rent owed, you should complete it even if you don't want the bailiffs to collect the debt.

Yes, leave the account number blank unless you have an account (which you probably don't).

Yes to the crossings out.

The EX97A form on the web site is the one to use.

That should be the lot.


Thanks @jpkeates, appreciate the reply.