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Started by Shoshin, October 08, 2023, 06:50:29 AM

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Good morning
I decided to sell a property. My letting agent issued my tenant with a section 21 in march of this year with an agreed move out date. The date came and went and the tenant didn't move out. My agent then advised me to seek a possession order so I sent him £350 for the initial fee and he said he forward me the correspondence- receipt, acknowledgment etc. this was at the beginning of June. I have had no acknowledgment, receipt etc from him and when I have asked for confirmation he said he will forward when he receives it. We are now into October, my question is this correct or is he just taking the mick ? Any advice comments this would be greatly appreciated.


Thanks for the replies and advice
Much appreciated

Doric Pixie

It is not beyond the realms of possibility that a court date has not been set yet.  The letting agent cannot represent you if it goes to court though, if you can't be their yourself then you will need to engage a solicitor or barrister.  Does the letting agent offer a service where they engage the solicitor themselves on your behalf?