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Started by krsmsom, January 07, 2024, 08:47:32 PM

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thanks for that, really good advice there.

I will remember to serve S21 as and when needed.

The house used to be our family's main residence from 2008 - 2020 when I moved out to another one as we needed a garden for kids and has always been kept in tiptop condition and has had all work carried out if/when needed. We will see what Council inspection comes back with from today.


It might all calm down a bit when the tenant realises that a) they're not going to get a council house* and b) other places are as expensive or cost more and aren' as nice.

*A quick google tells me that at the end of last year the waiting list for a council house in Rotherham was over 6,500 and each one that becomes available has more than 50 applications. The council were buying 100 properties to try and reduce waiting times. If your tenant has a child, they'll get a higher priority, but first choice of naff all isn't worth much, and people will have to take what they're offered, and it's unlikely to be as nice as something that used to be a landlord's home.


I agree.
She was put in a emergency house which she stressed to the council, she wanted,however, it was not what she expected.

I got the house roof repair work completed and house was all done on a Saturday so I emailed council officer all relevant paperwork on saturday.

She called my wife to say when is house getting fixed as she wants to move back in, because this one isn't ideal for her. We told her its ready but she will have to wait before it gets inspected by council on monday before she can get back in.

She has a boy and 2 girls. The girls spend 4 days a week with father who lives 5/6 houses down on same street and the boy lives with her.
From what I gather from her tone / her brothers' tone now, council has told them that she won't be getting a council house from them.

Personally speaking, I have spent more money on the house making it nicer than we lived it in with family for 10+ years.

She pays £550 / month for a 3 bed house whilst all other 2 bed houses on same street are fetching £650 pcm. I have been told by a local agent that my house will easily let out for £700 min. I will shortly be serving her a section 21.


I'd talk to her and explain that you're going to put the rent up and, if she doesn't move out, do that (possibly £50 a month every 12 months?)

Once the tenant's got over the pain of understanding that they have to move, most of them do. A notice adds deadlines and stress - and can always be used as a last resort. The tenant's going to resist moving, because of the convenience with her ex, but it sounds like they can't afford to live where they are any more.


Good advice.thanks @jpkeates

once I have further update, i will put it up here.