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Should I change from buy to let mortgage to residential one?

Started by Mkl07, February 13, 2024, 09:59:09 AM

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I'm wondering if any of you had a similar situation and how you went about it.

I've recently gained access to my property which was being let out, the last tenant didn't pay since May last year and finally got evicted, wooho! This isn't my first "problematic" tenant at this place, so I've given up with it. My mother, who is the owner of the property with me, would like to move in instead. However, we've got a buy to let mortgage and I'm wondering if I need to speak to the bank and let them know and perhaps.. Switch to a residential mortgage? What are the rules around this, does anyone know?

My mortgage advisor that I've used in the past has said I don't need to do anything because "they will never find out". But I'm not that brave! I'm wondering if there would be any problems if we ever wanted to sell the property.


If your mother lives in your BTL property, you will almost certainly be in breach of your mortgage terms and conditions. That could cause you serious problems if you are caught out.

What the risk is of being found out, I don't know. But you know a lot more about that insurance broker now. And mortgage lenders fund the National Hunter program to detect exactly this kind of thing.

I'm less sure why your broker didn't fancy getting some commission from selling another product, so perhaps he knows something we don't?



Yes, exactly. Surely it is saving money and staying within the law to do this ? 


Thanks for the replies, I appreciate it.

My mum hasn't moved in yet, we are still sorting out the mess left after the last tenant. I honestly don't know how you guys manage to do it (be landlords) as starting up is difficult when the tenants don't play the fair game and the law isn't exactly in the favour of the owners to get things sorted quickly.

I'll give my bank a ring and see if I can get booked in for a chat with their mortgage advisor, as I think we still have 3 or 4 years left on the BTL. I've always wanted to do things by the book that's why I thought I best get a 2nd opinion on it here. Not sure why the broker I've worked with many times in the past would advise me to just leave it as it is because "no one will find out".

Cheers yet again.


It's possible that they don't specialise in residential mortgages? And, whatever happens, if the lender finds out, it's not going to affect the broker!