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Partner not paying mortgage

Started by raiden, April 26, 2022, 04:51:32 PM

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Got a relative with big problems. Her husband has not paid the mortgage for months and she has been paying it all and more or less running out of money and he is not working and any money he does have he just drinks.

What would be the best coarse of action? I've suggested sell the house but she won't do it. Could we ask the bank to take him off the house or try and get him to sign his half over to his son and he pay for it?  Bailiffs are chasing for debts he has racked up which is £2000 so far.

Simon Pambin

If the mortgage is in joint names, I don't think there's a lot the bank can do without the consent of both parties. I take it the house is in joint names as well?


It is in deed. I guess not much they do, he's gone into self destruct mode