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Non resident - nrl exemption

Started by Rob501, March 02, 2024, 02:22:01 AM

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First post here, so here goes.  I've been asked to register for nrl for tax purposes by the housing management company.  Myself a British landlord residing overseas, understandable.

My wife is not a British resident or passport holder.  We live overseas and are joint ownership of the house.  Is it possible I can register her as the sole landlord?  The income is being paid into her account which is UK based.

What are the tax implications for this?  Currently I'm under the tax free threshold but in future it may go above.  So I want her to register and receive without going down the nrl route?  Is this possible? 



Your wife can be the sole landlord, but HMRC will treat the income as benefitting both of you 50:50, and you will be taxed accordingly.
Your wife is also a non-resident landlord and the management company should handle the rent accordingly.