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Should I ask the tenant to pay for a requested improvement?

Started by stuartgh, December 12, 2020, 10:58:06 AM

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In planning to repair the shower tiling and surrounding skirting board I contacted my tenant to provide access to tilers, so they can cost the job.

In response the tenant also asked if a shower door could be added to the job; to note, currently there is a shower curtain: "I researched modular ready shower doors and saw some are available for £80 - 100 or even less. It should be straightforward to fit in", reported the tenant.

My question is as a new landlord how do I respond, should I ask the tenant to pay for the additional feature?

I am concerned not to give into his demands in case its sets up an expectation for improvements going forward. I previously let the property as an Airbnb so this kind of DIY question rarely came up. But I did have to be careful of "doing too much" for renters, and I don't want to fall into this trap with a long-term tenant!