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Replacing shower room tiles with the large waterproof board used in hotels

Started by Peta, May 16, 2016, 05:21:03 PM

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Hi - we are just facing our first change over of tenant and the shower room will need retiling.  We are thinking of using the large boards now used in lots of hotels & B&Bs - does anyone have any experience of doing this (my husband has fitted them for a client so we know we can do it)?  Really want to know if it perceived as a posiitve or negative as far as the tenant is concerned?  Thanks :-)


Hi Peta

How did you get on?

I am thinking of doing the same, as the cleaning of tiles is starting to become a right bugbear of mine!


Hi Peta, if those tiles match the interior, or at least do not absolutely fight with it, I don't see why it would be a problem for the tenants.
Larger tiles are easier for clean, both for house owners and renters. So, other than increasing the cleanliness across the bathroom, I don't think there would be any negative impact.


Did you or has anyone else done this as I'd like to know whether it works out to be a positive bit of diy?
Do you take off the old tiles first ?

Simon Pambin

I've had good results with panels from DBS Bathrooms for cladding a ceiling. I haven't tried the big wall panels but the videos on their website might be helpful.