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Redecoration after a leak

Started by sazzz, May 09, 2013, 05:44:21 PM

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Can Anyone Help?
We recently had a leak through our property roof we immediatly solved  and then a couple of weeks later the tenants informed us there was mould on the staircase wall and in the front bedroom,we were unaware so had not been to rectify.Once we were notified we went to rectify and thanks to this forum used a brill product by polycell.
The mould is no more but due to the leak affecting the wall at the time it affected the wallpaper and so it could dry properly the wallpaper had to come off.
The tenants are now asking when we are going to repaint or wallpaper the area?
In a previous conversation with our tenant (whilst sorting the mould )she expressed a wish to redecorate the house which we did not object to so we have not thought anymore about it as she likes to decorate this is the only area she has not decorated in the house so far.

Do we have to redecorate after the leak and mould we have now sorted?