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Plug wiring in trunking to window controls?

Started by VincentMS, March 08, 2024, 02:02:45 PM

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I own a flat and one of the bedroom windows uses a 24v chain window opener from when building was originally built, and this was wired to the buildings electrics instead of the flat's supply. The new building management has since removed this system, so the windows are unable to be opened.

Is it okay for me to power the windows from a 24v 2A dc plug and run the cabling in trunking to the window controls or is there regulation that prevents this? I know surface wiring is allowed but i can't find anything about having plug cables in trunking connected to a permanent fixture like a light. This would be temporary until the tenants move out and I can get the chain windows replaced with manual chain openers.

Similar to this but with only a bit of the plug cable outside of the trunking:


That's perfectly fine, with or without the trunking.

The trunking is simply acting as a cable tidy.


Thanks for the reply, I just wanted to make sure and obviously want to do things responsibly.