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new wooden flooring for flat rental - what type?

Started by mickeymickey, February 20, 2015, 12:56:12 PM

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I have a small 1 bed flat that is rented out. The tenants are moving out and the floors are currently carpeted. I am considering getting wooden floors put in once the tenants move out. Does anyone know what type of floors are economical but look smart and are ideal for a tenanted flat?

Any feedback would be most welcome!



Wooden floors in a flat are not a good idea.

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Wooden floors can be noisy for the people below and in some blocks are specifically not allowed because of this, so worth checking the lease (if it's not freehold etc) you may need to ask permission from the block management if this is the case.

You can get underlay which will help reduce the noise for those below but do not be tempted by the cheaper and thinner underlay out there, go for something thicker and better quality, even though this will cost more, as this will be a much better insulator.

The range of laminate floors is vast. Best to start by measuring up to work out how many square meters you'll need and go to your local shop to have a look at the range and compare the costs (don't forget to include the underlay and edging needed). You may find your budget decides for you but a good indicator of quality and durability with laminates, is the thickness of the boards and of the top layer of laminate. The thicker the better generally. These details should be easy enough to find on the products.

Alternatively there are solid wood and engineered wood floors available too, again the range is vast. These tend to be better quality then laminate but at a much higher cost.

Hope that helps.


Wooden floors can often be disruptive for neighbours due to the sound of people / furniture moving.
Have you considered a patterned carpet? There are a wide range of carpets available with patterns such as stripes (subtle or bold) that are very economical and easy to maintain as they hide marks or stains.