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landlord vs tennant

Started by muffin, May 15, 2013, 09:22:07 PM

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I would like some help on a matter that worries me very much indeed .. my daughter in law and her two children one is four the other 15 weeks old ,, live in a property that needs repair ie electrics .. no light on the stairs and sockets and light switches coming out the wall.. No gas or saftey checks done .. The landlord has not got back in touch with my daughter in law .been 10 weeks .. ive just found out that her tennacy agreement ran out in jan 2013( not been renewed) and this landlord owns a row of propertys all tennants are single mums.. and he has said if you cause any trouble i will kick you all out .. these young mums are scared to death WHAT CAN THEY DO PLEASE HELP  :-[


Gosh...what an awful situation to be in. I would get in touch with Citizens Advice immediately for advice. Have you tried to contact the Landlord at all?  I am no expert on these matters as have only just brought my first buy to let property, but I would get in contact with him and ask for the tenancy to be renewed, once that is done insist on electrical repairs being made. Hopefully someone else on here can offer you better advice. Good luck :(