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FREE Cavity Wall Insulation for Landlords and Property Management Agents

Started by john_marulanda, December 20, 2013, 03:14:00 PM

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100% funding from utilities – before government changes policy 

HomeSun now has 100% funding from British Gas to install cavity wall insulation completely free of charge to residential blocks of 3 storeys and above.   We look after everything from the beginning to the end of the process – so you get a great building improvement with no hassle or worry.  The funding we have also includes a Completion Payment per insulated unit (per flat).

This is 'ECO' funding – government-led and currently under review.  As such, the funds could be cut at any moment, and our aim is to get as much insulation completed as rapidly as possible which is why we are approaching you now.  Sudden cuts are a feature of energy-related subsidies – 'Feed in Tariffs' for solar in 2012, and 'HHCRO' for free boilers this year.   All of the offers were genuine and 1000s benefitted.  But 1000s also lost out – because they weren't aware of the offer or thought they could wait.  In both cases, the 'funding pot' ran out. 

The headline benefits for you are:

•   Our funding enables us to pay Property Management Companies/Landlords completion payments per insulated flat
•   The normal price for CWI is up to £850 per flat – but your Landlord/tenant won't have to pay a penny
•   By 2016, there will be fines of up to £5,000/unit for properties which are energy inefficient, and from 2018 it will be illegal to rent properties rated E or below.  Cavity wall insulation means you comply with regulation ........... and you can achieve that free of charge

I have attached information about our installation process and a case study.  You will see that we are a nationally renowned business which began in 2010, when HomeSun brought free solar to the UK, became one of the largest solar installers in the country and enabled 1000s of people to generate their own electricity.

Why not give us a trial with one property?
We know we are fantastic but you don't know us.  We would like to invite you to pass I one address of a 3 storey property.  We will conduct a desk top survey and let you know if it looks suitable.  If it does, we can then take that property forward to EPC and – hopefully – installation.  This 'toe in the water' will let you see how we would, and how pleased your landlords and tenants will be with the results.

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