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Started by CuriousH, July 13, 2017, 06:23:55 PM

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Hello everyone. 

I am redecorating my flat before renting out again and wondered what type of carpet is the most practical to use aside from the obvious being hard wearing of course.  Unable to use wood flooring due to noise carrying to other flats.



Get quotes from carpet companies asking each same question about durability, cleaning etc in relation to your letting - family - kids or several adults who will have guests. Generally cheap carpet cheap for obvious reason so cant be vexed when it wears out really quick.


I have been putting vinyl that looks like hardwood flooring in all areas.  I  put down board underneath the vinyl and put soundproofing foam underneath board,  whenever ts to be placed in an upstairs flat, this certainly meets sound/noise requirements.  it works a treat and avoids all the carpet cleaning costs on turn arounds etc
hope this helps


Im currently looking at Karndean flooring mainly because it says it has a lifetime guarantee. It seems quieter than wood as it is a vinyl like finish.


Thanks everyone.  I have gone with a decent laminate flooring.